Guten Tag!

I'm Isabelle

I'm a motivated, adventurous and empathetic designer 
who encourages personal and professional growth, 
a balanced life and learning from creative challenges.

My Story

I'm a 29 year old Brooklynite, born again Berliner and recently converted Austinite.

I'm an experience designer who believes in creating experiences that not only caters to the users' needs but is also accessible to all users. I have a deep respect for process and organization, and enjoy digging deeper to find the true problem in order to develop responsible solutions.

You can either find me climbing at ABP, swimming at Deep Eddy or proudly shoveling delicious food into my mouth.

My favorite book, The Little Prince, is originally written in French, though I first read it in German. I'm asian, a woman, and kill it at parallel parking.

My Experience


Experience Designer, T3
June 2017- Present

Interaction Designer, FJORD/Accenture
February 2017-June 2017

Experience Designer, CabForward
October 2016 - February 2017

Marketing Manager, Design Workshop
July 2014 - June 2016

Design Experience

Like most designers, unfortunately I am bound to an NDA to publish work that I have worked on for my current and previous employers, however if you would give me a ring, I would happily present to you my work and my thought process throughout.

My Design Technique

My experience taught me that design does not come from a moment of unexpected inspiration, but that it requires a well-balanced team, a passion to uncover problems and a drive to find inclusive solutions.

Talk more.

I believe in a team that trusts each other: a healthy balance of responsibility and communication keeps teams in sync without the feeling of micromanagement.

Understanding the user is key.

It's not just about asking a few questions, it's about non-creepily watching their habits, learning the way they think, discovering their emotions, understanding the needs they don't even know about. I take a look at the entire service and how it interacts with the user. A deep and holistic understanding of the ecosystem identifies gaps and needs and how products can be solutions to those deeper problems.

Formulate data supported ideas.

I use research discoveries to guide product development. I look at the service as a whole to visualize a user journey to map out habits that were uncovered in the research phase. I work with my team to establish content strategies and to create an information architecture. Wires are designed, comps are collaborated on and interactive prototypes are developed.

Keep asking questions.

Learn from mistakes. User testing is crucial and iteration is, too. Repeating the design and validation process is important for the evolution of a product.

Let's Get in Touch!

I'm always interested in collaborations, coffee or new jokes you may have heard.

Please email me at - I'd love to hear what you've got happening.